The special children in your life are as unique as snowflakes. It's no surprise that endless trips to the mall are disappointing. You long to provide your little ones with garments that are as special as they are and, at the same time, honor the lifestyle you embrace. Trying to buy eco-friendly clothing produced in an environment with a green, fair trade conscience is an almost impossible task! Well, not anymore...

DoubleTakes has just the eco- friendly, one-of-a-kind clothing that your children will love to wear and you will love to dress them in. Many of the garments even have two or three ways of wearing them! DoubleTakes is an easy way to teach your child lifestyle choices that are healthy for them and their world while providing playful, innovative, absolutely charming garments. So go ahead and indulge all your desires for individuality while treading lightly on the "Big Blue Marble" we call home.

Our planet

15% of our profits go to support children in need.