Debbie Freeberg-Renwick

Debbie Freeberg-Renwick is the founder of Doubletakes, a clothing design company that specializes in creating original, playful, one-of-a-kind children's clothing from reclaimed clothing and vintage fabrics. The company was started in 2002 after Debbie returned from China where she witnessed the effects of mass production on workers and the environment. The China trip was life changing and full of diverse experiences. It lead her on a path of questioning assumed views and goals of life and living. Even now, 6 years later, the questioning and adjusting of her life continues. See her "Letters from China". When starting Doubletakes, Debbie's goal was to create unique garments from reclaimed mass produced materials. Finding the "diamond in the rough" through reworking post-consumer materials has been a life long interest which Debbie and her husband Tim share. Together they designed and built their beautiful, functional, eco-friendly, tiny home from mostly recycled materials. Get a tour of their home. The Des Moines Register did a nice article on their home and lifestyle.

Debbie holds advanced degrees in fiber art and education. She has worked in many mediums, but fiber has been her mainstay since she was ten years old. Over the years she has built costumes for the opera, period American and English costumes and taught clothing design and construction to children and adults. A love for design and the availability of Tim's woodworking shop inspired her to try her hand at furniture design and building. See Debbie's free standing and built-in furniture in their home. Debbie has also taught meditation and has a natural ability to communicate with animals, which she shares with others. See She enjoys English and Scottish country dance, singing in a local choir, and organic gardening.

Tim Freeberg-Renwick worked for 30 years as a custom furniture designer and master woodworker. In 2000 he branched out into designing furniture for mass production and worked as a consulting engineer for a woodworking factory in China. In 2008 Tim retired from working with mass production to pursue greener avenues of work. He now works as a product developer using 3-D computer graphics. A multi-talented man, he is developing affordable, green house designs and exploring other green product development. In addition he works with Debbie, streamlining production and designing for Doubletakes. Tim created this website using artwork by graphic artist Holly Bowen. Tim and Debbie live in Fairfield, Iowa with their four cats, lots of trees, and a beautiful view of sunsets. Tim and Debbie hope you enjoy your Doubletakes clothing as much as they enjoy making them.