Grow Ups are skirts with a feature that allows them to grow with your little girl. Gone is the sad day she out-grows her favorite skirt! We hand-baste tucks inside the skirt that are easily let out with a snip and a pull.

stitching release

Yes, even people who don't sew can do this! But if you have a sewing-related allergy, just send it back and we will take let out those tucks for free.

Because we firmly believe looking great should not exclude comfort, our drawstring waists all have a bit of elastic. They can adjust to your little girl's growing body and have a bit of 'give' to accommodate her in the occasional cartwheel or big bowl of ice cream.

For most of us our lifestyle has been one of consuming and easily disposing of things. Grow Ups are an easy, more sustainable option. And not only that, but each piece is completely unique, and a lot more fun.

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