The builder sent the above photograph and a sketch of a floor plan for a proposed addition to the back of the house. Along with that were a few instructions in an email. From that, the first image below was created, together with a floor plan. The builder made a few notes on the floor plan (above right) and a few other notes in some back and forth emails. This intial phase cost $150. This helps sort out what size doors and windows to use, and where to put them. It also helps decide what sort of wall and trim treatment to use, and what sort of stairs and landing would be best for the project. After these were decided, the following drawings were created. Total cost for the second set of drawings was $400, for a total cost of $550. This investment allowed the builder to land the job.

----------------INITIAL SET------------------

----------------SECOND SET------------------

The example drawings linked on this webpage are made smaller and low resolution for quick loading. Actual images1 are much higher resolution and will print cleanly on 24 x 36 inch sheets, if desired.

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